Je Joue Ami

Product Highlight: Je Joue Ami

Product Highlight: Je Joue Ami – Kegel Exerciser

Je Joue Ami

Je Joue Ami

Have you ever wanted more, grip to your womanhood? It’s so easy for guys to control their things at will… but a woman really has to work for her control. She practically has to go to a pussy gym to grow her vag strength. That’s why there’s a huge market for Ben Wah Balls and Kegel Exercisers.

“I have to put a weight in my pussy?” you ask and for what? Well, let’s have a little anatomy lesson. The pubococcygeous or “PC” muscle stretches from your pubic bone to your tailbone and is responsible for supporting your pelvic organs and genitalia, such as the uterus, bladder, small intestine and rectum. It’s also in charge of controlling your urine flow and is what contracts inside your vagina when you have an orgasm.

Kegel exercises are like any other strength training work out meant to tone and strengthen your PC muscles. There are several reasons a woman might want to strengthen her PC muscles, as they are weakened by conditions such as pregnancy and childbirth, surgery, aging or even being overweight. If you’re incontinent, kegel exercises may also help improve your situation.

Je Joue Ami

The development of Kegel exercises leads to a line of weighted products women can use and Je Joue, a UK-based manufacturer started in 2008, strives to empower couples and individuals to have great sexual experiences. Je Joue developed a set of kegel balls that any woman can use to tone and strengthen her PC muscles. The Je Joue Ami is an advancing three-step set of smooth and soft pelvic weights that allows one to train any pace and adapts to any age and fitness level.

Kegel Balls are inserted into the vagina and the user contracts the PC muscle to grip the ball and hold it in place. Some users may insert another small ball that moves around when inserted to help sense movement and grip against it.

Je Joue Ami is covered in 100% FDA-approved, body-safe silicone and has three pieces of varying types and weights: the Ami 1 is a large, smooth and lightweight single ball, the recommended starting point for new or returning Kegel exercisers.

Je Joue Ami

The Ami 2 is a middle-sized double ball that’s soft yet slightly heavier. The Ami 3 is a small, harder and heavier double ball. The Ami 3 is meant for the most experienced and advanced users.

All pieces of the Je Joue Ami are easy to use and completely comfortable; they may be worn casually around the house at first and eventually be worn for longer periods of time at your discretion. Be sure to always use plenty of lubricant with your sex toy. We here at The Safe Alternative recommend an all-natural, organic lube for your most sensitive parts. Sliquid Lubricants are the best in the business when it comes to your body and your lubricant. When using Sliquid, you will enjoy a premium lubricant that won’t drip off the side of your toy before you even get started. Be sure to always use a water-based lubricant with silicone sex toys. Using oil-based lubes causes the silicone to expand exposing the inner parts.

So go ahead, flex some vag muscle and try the Je Joue Ami today!

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