Sex Furniture and the Liberator Esse

I saw a photo of a chic-looking piece of furniture the other day. It was a chaise and I thought, ‘When I finally settle down and put my house together, I’d like one of those in the bedroom.’ Upon second glance I realized that it was a very special chaise: the Liberator Esse (pronounced like the letter “S”) is a piece of sex furniture. esse3

It’s interesting to think that there is a category of furniture just for sex because honestly, couldn’t anything really be considered sex furniture? An air mattress, a kitchen counter, or even the car could be considered sex furniture, right?

Liberator, a company born and raised in the United States (Atlanta to be exact), has a full line of what they call, sex furniture and the Liberator Esse is one of the most chic and subtle pieces they have. The Esse is ergonomically designed so you and your partner can experience countless positions. esse2

Its design is discreet enough that you can use it as a regular piece of bedroom furniture. It has a removable cover that is machine washable so you don’t have to worry about guests sitting on it when not in use.for intercourse and oral sex. The Esse is made of high-density foam to provide comfort and cushioning. It comes in microfiber or velvish covering so it’s soft and luxurious against your skin. It includes a headrest for added support, so one can easily raise knees or add extra height, or to even provide more lift.


According to their website, Liberator has been making their line of sex furniture for more than 11 years. They use locally sourced materials and manufacture in Georgia.

Liberator says, “We devote as much effort into providing jobs for our community as we do focusing on bettering the love lives of thousands.” Pretty noble, huh?

At The Safe Alternative, we enjoy all the accouterments that make sex safer and provide alternatives to the typical sex life. The Liberator Esse is a great idea for a holiday gift for your significant other. It will improve your bedroom from a décor standpoint as well as your love life. Who knows? You may call it the gift that keeps on giving.