Sex toys in relationships: healthy and fun

It should come as no surprise that the use of sex toys in relationships in on the rise, even if it is met with some resistance from potentially jealous partners. The sex toy industry in general is poised to be a $15 billion industry this year (2013) and continues to grow. What is helping fuel that growth, besides better designed products for more ease during intercourse, is toys meant for couples. Couples toys include vibrating penis rings and finger-tip vibrators, which bring a pleasure to both and enhance the experience overall.

Sex toys ergonomically designed for use during intercourse, such as We-Vibe and Lelo, are designed for the female partner, but can benefit both. Not only do they make sex more exciting, it can also grow a much healthier relationship and healthier life.

Sex may lengthen your life, boost your heart health and immune system, reduce pain and stress and improve your sleep, according to a report co-authored by Beverly Whipple, professor emerita at Rutgers University and co-author of The Science of Orgasm, and The G Spot: And Other Discoveries about Human Sexuality. If you take all the great benefits of sex, add a more pleasurable experience on top of it, what you end up with is the desire to have sex more often, and what partner has ever said they have enough sex?

Some partners feel intimidated by sex toys, or take it to mean they are inadequate, but that is simply not true. No matter how good you may be, you never know what is going on inside of your partners head. What are they feeling, where do they want to be touched? That remains a great mystery, and while talking more during sex can help eliminate the confusion, it can be canceled out when she gets to have a toy in her hand. Putting it right on the spot right now is what is going to deliver her to her desired orgasm.

If your nervous about bringing up the idea of introducing sex toys into your relationship some ideas for getting your point across could be to:

The passive way: Drop hints until the other gets the point

The roundabout way: Pick up a book and the two of you read it separately, circling what you like. Come together and discuss what the other person circled and talk about how you can incorporate that into your intimate time.

The direct way: Sit down together one night, have a couple glasses of wine to loosen up the occasion and shop for sex toys online. You will find a lot of resources and will see that most of your questions will have answers.

Sex toys can add fun and romance to your love life, leading to a heightened sexual experience. Getting to know what your partner wants in bed, or wherever, is a very good thing and can lead to a healthier, happier sex life. Be open, be honest and only good things can come of it. Cheers to happy, long and more satisfying sex life!