Safe Sex Defined

Wrapping it up

You wouldn’t let your friend drive if they’ve had too many, so you probably wouldn’t want to engage in sexual activity with a partner if you’re unsure of their background. There are numerous STD’s, (65 million Americans have an incurable STI) transmitted through sexual behavior and for women there is the risk of pregnancy.

The most effective way to protect yourself from STD’s and unwanted pregnancy is to ask your male partner to wrap it up with our wide array of male condoms (3.2 Million pregnancies a year are unplanned and condoms are 98% effective against pregnancy). For the women in our lives, we also offer female condoms, so if there is ANY question in the back of your mind you can rest assured you’re protecting yourself and your partner.


For most this is an obvious aspect of sexual activity. Due to the intimate nature of sex, our bodies are exposed to a wide array of foreign bodies from latex, lube and spermicide to mucus membranes and bodily fluids. Protecting your body from an allergic reaction, an unwanted UTI or loss of good bacteria we advocate the use of products to protect you.

We offer organic, natural lubes in addition to the name brands you may already recognize. We also offer alternatives to latex condoms including natural lamb, polyurethane, and polyisprene. Finally, we offer sanitizing spray for the toys as well as a how-to on cleaning toys.

Making you comfortable

The Safe Alternative wants to protect you from feeling inadequate, but also from the unnecessary opinion of others. That’s why we don’t promote images of porn stars, nudity nor do we sell porn. We don’t have anything against them and certainly enjoy them on our own, but we don’t want to tell you what’s right or wrong for you.

We don’t pass judgment and we don’t want anyone to pass judgment here, especially on themselves. Enjoy your body, open your mind and take the right precautions to express yourself safely.

(Statistics provided by Church & Dwight, makers of Trojan Brand Condoms)

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