Many of us look for different ways to spice up our sex life, especially as we get older or are in relationships. We find those 365 positions in 365 day books, or some other sex book in Barnes & Noble. Often these require far more flexibility then we are used to which would take months of yoga. Then there is the question of what to buy if we wanted something spicy in the bed, and what is the cost?

Luckily, there is a new trend thanks to thanks to Dave and Chuck-the-Freak of 101.1 the WRIF in Detroit: RIP CORD! You might be asking yourself, “What the hell are they talking about?” To answer that question, we’re talking about nothing more than a set of anal beads for you and or your partner. The term, “rip cord” is defined by as, “the sexual act of having anal beads inserted into your anus by your partner and then at the peak of a sexual climax your partner yells out ‘rip cord’ and yanks the anal beads out as hard and quick as they can.”

Talk about a hoot of a good time, anal beads can be rather inexpensive and a lot of fun. Aside from the fun, you can expect an even better orgasm!

One of the first problems may be that you would be toying with your butthole, and, “Ew, gross!” But no, not gross. This is one area that needs more attention especially for couples. Only one person truly knows about this part of their body and what could be better than building a stronger relationship? Give your partner a chance, open yourself up to the joys and wonders of the land down unders. There isn’t anything to worry about, so long as you take a good shower beforehand and don’t plan on sharting on him (or her) a little hygiene goes a long way. Take the road less travelled and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Where to start, do you just move right into RIPCORD action? I would suggest otherwise, unless you are very brave. Start yourself out with a little index or thumb action, work it around clockwise, but be sure you like what is going on. Let that feeling sink in a bit and decide if it’s for you. Then take a tour of and look through our extensive collection of anal beads, er, ripcords that the two of you could enjoy. It doesn’t always have to be two either.

I have heard of a legend that a young man once tried this with a knotted towel as early at the 10th grade. So don’t fear, you are not alone, you are not weird. You will, however, have little chance of telling your amazing story to your friends. So bask in the glory of your new found adventure. You will be wishing so many others knew the joys of your butt playground like you do.

Jump on the bus, get yourself a fresh alternative sex toy and experience rip cord. All there is to lose is a better orgasm and relationship-building. Just be sure to clean your new sex toy properly when done and store in a covered area. No one needs the lingering smell of an anal toys messing with their living space. A good anti-bacterial cleaner works well, or simply soap and water.

Be sure to check back in with us and leave a comment of how it went. They are all anonymous and feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Play with toys, not boys!