The Pelvic Wand – Vaginal Strengthner


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The Pelvic Wand – Vaginal Strengthner

Pelvic Wand can strengthen muscles in that very important area which can dramatically improve your posture your continence fitness sex life and much more! Small and unobtrusive this fitness tool can bring about dramatic results if used regularly for just 6 minutes a day. Pelvic Wand provides elastic resistance which is essential for building muscles quickly and efficiently. Don’t worry no batteries no pain and lots of gain with this unique fitness gadget that’s received rave reviews in Germany Switzerland and Austria. Pelvic Wand can be nearly 3x more effective than doing the same Kegel exercise alone. It’s the six minute miracle – change your life in the time it takes to make a cup of tea. How to use: Insert the small and middle balloon parts of COME into the vagina. Find the right position that is most comfortable for you. You should not feel any pain. If you want to determine whether or not you are contracting the correct muscle then pull the indicator out as far as it will go before insertion. Contract the PC muscle tightly for at least 4 seconds. Then relax for 8 seconds. If the tip of the indicator lowers when tension is applied and rises during relaxation you have activated the proper muscle. To remove hold COME on the indented part and simply pull it out of the vagina. Don’t let another person use your COME device to avoid spreading any types of diseases. Always wash your hands before using COME. Carefully clean COME after each use. The best way to do so is with a mild soap under lukewarm running water. Afterwards dry it thoroughly with a clean towel. Do not use COME if you have experienced any injuries in the genital area or you are susceptible to vaginal infections or disorders or if you are pregnant unless you have consulted with your doctor and been advised otherwise. Consult a physician in special cases such as if you are using an IUD or cervix coil contraceptive device although this does not generally present a problem. If the insertion is unpleasant or painful change the position of the pelvis and relax. If you have any questions please ask your doctor. Intended for vaginal use only! COME is made of the highest quality material. In order to sufficiently serve your hygienic needs COME should be replaced every few months.

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