Tantus Neo – Purple


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Tantus Neo – Purple

A new classic the Tantus Neo offers a smoothly tapered design with a base curved to follow the body’s contours. An ideal plug for beginners the Neo is the perfect way to introduce anal play to your partner. Max Diameter: 1.4. Insertable Length: 4. Seeing the Neo in person for the first time it appears to be an ideal size for intermediates. With a slim pointed tip bulbed shape and thick body it is simple in shape and design. Being made of silicone it is completely scent and taste free. It has a silky smooth feel to the touch and is quite firm feeling at the bulb. When squeezed it actually feels like it has a solid core set inside the silicone. The slimmer neck’ of the plug feels more flexible and the pointed oblong shaped base is quite flexible too. The neck and base fit between two fingers nicely giving you a solid grip on the base. Engraved on the side of the base (in a place that shouldn’t affect cleaning too much) is the name Tantus. The slim pointed tip of the plug makes for easy insertion and the silky finish silicone works well with lubricant to make the expanding girth of the plugs bulbed body comfortable. The bulb-like shape creates a gentle sensation of stretch during insertion and the neck and base are easy to grip keeping a good distance between your hand and any lube used. Not personally being a fan of anything more than the smallest or gentlest of anal toys I was surprised by just how gentle but pleasantly stretching the Neo feels. While it feels firm in the hands once fully inserted it feels like a much softer or forgiving toy. The Neo is comfortable for extended wear and only stimulates or is felt when squeezed with your muscles. Its size easily allows for a dildo to be enjoyed vaginally at the same time. Being made of silicone and easily sterilizable the Neo is also quite suited for vaginal plugging. With its insertable length of only 3 1/2 Inches its pointed tip doesn’t became uncomfortable during vaginal wear. Its girth doesn’t leave you feeling too full and after a while of wear it only becomes noticeable when squeezing your kegel muscles. The base of the Neo is not just handy for gripping onto but its sits comfortably against the body when used either anally or vaginally.

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