Dr.Berman Shades Of Purple Playroom Kit


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Dr.Berman Shades of purple Playroom kit

Dr. Laura Berman Shades of Purple Playroom Kit. Create a variety of erotic and sensual experiences with your partners either on your own or duplicate a scene from a popular steamy novel. This kit is the perfect assortment of pleasure enhancing products to introduce light bondage discipline submission and restraint into the bedroom as part of sexual play. The kit includes: mask (to heighten senses) cuffs (trust your partner) feather tickler (awaken senses) and weighted orgasm balls with designer pouch (strengthen kegels and hold in place on command). Cotton (mask) Polyester (straps) Iron (cuffs keys) 50% Acrylic 50% Polyester (faux fur lining) Turkey Feathers (accents) Phthalate-Free PVC (stick) Stainless Steel (orgasm balls). 1/2.5 cm (diameter balls).

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