Product Highlight: Tantus Mark 02

Looking for a new dildo, but don’t want “brutal”? Desire quality while not breaking the bank? Then you stumbled upon a great review for a solid product that meets those criteria!

The Tantus Mark 02 is a high-quality dildo priced at less than $80USD. This is the perfect size, coming in at 6.75 inches long and 1.37 inches wide, for constant pleasure. Tantus Mark 02 has a super soft silicone outside while maintaining a hard muscle core on the inside, both of which are made by Tantus’ own unique blend of 100% ultra-premium silicone. The Mark 02 comes in three skin tones so you can be pleasured by the penis color you desire the most.

The Tantus Mark 02 is also compatible with harnesses making it a versatile dildo. Use it on yourself or have it used on you by a friend. Gay or straight all will enjoy this fine piece of adult sex toy entertainment.

When you are done using the Mark 02, be sure to always clean it properly. This can be done using an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner or by placing in on the top rack of your dishwasher and running it through a cycle.

When using your Mark 02 be sure to use plenty of water-based lube. Oil-based lubricants cause silicone to expand exposing the toy’s interior and cutting down its lifespan. We recommend Sliquid Lubricants, they are the best in the game, and they’re all natural and organic so they will never harm your body. Be rest assure that you can apply this lube and it won’t drip off causing a mess before you can get started on yourself.

When you are looking for a high-quality dildo that won’t break you or your bank, look no further than the Tantus Mark 02. Tantus is the name in dildos and this product proves it.

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