Product Highlight: Tantus Hank

The Tantus Hank is a silicone dildo that is made with the quality you can expect from Tantus brand products. It is a realistic-type dildo, with a fleshy feel, veins and an average size penis of 6.75 inches long and 4 inches around. This realistic dildo also comes equipped with testicles for stability, though they are a bit small proportionally. The silicone should only be used with water-based lubricant, and we recommend the best for your body by choosing organic lubes.

The Hank is also compatible with a strap-on harness. It has a slight upward curve to hit that magical g-spot and is also safe to use in your anus. The Hank comes in a box slightly bigger than the dildo and is good for storage in between uses. It is highly recommended that it is kept stored because the texture of this dildo makes it easy to collect lint, and who wants that?

Due to its normal size, standard condoms easily fit on it making it easier to clean after use. The Hank can also be cleaned in several other ways: with an antibacterial cleaner, by boiling it, or by running through the dishwasher on the top shelf with a 10% bleach mixture. The high-grade of silicone can let you rest assured that this purchase will last for the long-term.

The Hank can be used for some extra fun during intercourse or to simply mimic sex when you are alone. It doesn’t have a taste and can be used to practice oral sex, say if you were trying to perfect that deep-throat technique. The length may be a little long for some vaginas, but makes for a perfect match-up to the bum, if that’s what you desire.

The testicles are a little small and may make it difficult to grip onto so giving yourself a good thrust may prove to be a bit difficult; however, if a partner is using it on you, there should be no worries.

Overall, Tantus did a good job with the Hank, providing it in different flesh tones and making it look and feel like the real things. It stores easily and can be cleaned and sanitized with minimal effort. Be sure to use a proper amount of lube and rock on!

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