Product Highlight: OhMiBod Freestyle

All people have that one song that gets you pumped up at the gym, reminds you of a good time from your past and one that just brings some good old comfort to your soul. Now with the OhMiBod Freestyle, you can add one more song to that list: the song that gets you off the best. This vibrator pulsates to the beat of the music, bringing that one song to a very intimate level. You will be dancing to your music in a whole new way.

The OhMiBod Freestyle is a premium rechargeable vibrator that delivers five hours of non-stop vibes to the rhythm of your music. It is also made of body-safe plastic and is phthalate free. This vibrator has a quiet, yet powerful, vibrator and is splash-proof. When used wirelessly the Freestyle can reach up to 25 feet, making it a great vibrator for partner play. Take it on vacation with you because it comes with an international charger as well. If using it to your favorite song is getting old, changeover to manual mode and experience the seven preprogrammed vibrations. The Freestyle is compatible with IPod and IPhone, as well as all other MP3 players.

If inserting this toy is what you desire you will get a solid five and ¾ inches of pure music vibrations on your G-spot.

Be sure to always clean your toys after each use to keep your special parts safe. When using the OhMiBod Freestyle, try an all-natural organic lube. Sliquid is the best in the business for providing high-quality, body-safe lubrication.

When you want to take that special song of yours to the next level, start dancing with the OhMiBod Freestyle. This amazing toy vibrates to the pulse of your favorite songs bringing you that much closer to your music.

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