Product Highlight: Jopen VR1

When searching around for the best Ben Wa Balls, look no further than the Jopen Vanity VR1 by California Erotics. The Vanity line is a 2012 Xbiz winner of luxury toy/toy line of the year. Look no further because sex toy products are not made better.

The VR1 is contoured to fit a woman’s body properly and deliver unparalleled vibration from the palm of her hand. Jopen VR1 is a great vibrator because it delivers luxury and sophistication to even the most diverse sex toy collection. The VR1 Ben Wa Balls are a high tech sex toy that provide powerful vibes while also cordless. It puts the power of the vibes in your body’s control by giving you the vibrations on demand option with tighter squeezes. Some of the great features of the VR1 are: ergonomics, instant on/off button, speed controls, dual motors, waterproof, quiet, unscented silicone and a satin finish. This vibrator alternative is rechargeable with a premium lithium battery and has a secure travel lock and bag.

When using this amazing product, be sure to use plenty of lube. When looking for the best lube, Sliquid is in a class above the rest. Their organic, natural lubes keep your body in mind. They never cause yeast infections and are never a mess to use. When using a lube with silicone, be sure to always use water-based as an oil-based lube with expand the silicone causing it to break and ruin your new sex toy.

Be sure to always clean your VR1 with an antibacterial toy cleaner. Soap and water will do, however, antibacterial is always best. Also store your new toy covered to keep unwanted lint and dust away.

The Jopen VR1 Ben Wa Ball by California Erotics is a Xbiz award winner for a reason, and when you try it once, you’ll feel like a winner too.

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