Product Highlight: Je Joue Mimi

Although an often overlooked brand of adult toys Je Joue consistently puts out a solid product, and the Mimi is no exception. The Mimi is a clitoral stimulator that is compact in size but not in vibrations! This little adult toy delivers maximum vibrations that can please the most seasoned sex toy user, yet gentle enough for the first timer. Whether or not this is for personal use or with a partner, the wide range of vibration speeds and patterns are sure to please anyone.

The Je Joue Mimi comes equipped with five vibration levels from gentle to powerful. This amazing little sex toy can be used to caress and tease your clitoris and or nipples or deliver that knockout punch needed for total clitoral orgasm. This can be used for him as well, using it to tease and pleasure his perineum and beyond.

The Mimi is smooth and soft, making it perfect to glide over your skin as you go from one sensual area to the next. Mimi is made from 100% premium FDA-approved and body-safe silicone leaving you with a worry free good time. The Mimi is also waterproof to be used in the shower, tub or wherever you get wet and wild!

When using your Mimi be sure to use plenty of water-based lube. Oil-based lubricants cause silicone to expand exposing the toy’s interior and cutting down its lifespan. We recommend Sliquid Lubricants, they are the best in the game, and they’re all natural and organic so they will never harm your body. Be rest assure that you can apply this lube and it won’t drip off causing a mess before you can get started on yourself.

When looking for new powerful, versatile adult sex toy, look no further than the Je Joue Mimi. It has everything you and or your partner need for a good time!.

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