Product Highlight: Je Joue Fifi Rabbit

It is no wonder why the rabbit is the best-selling sex toy on the market, capturing 19% of all sex toy sales. Having a rabbit is a sure way to achieve an orgasm as it does the job of three toys in one. The self-titled rabbit, known for the stimulating rabbit ears, is a clitoral massager. While inserted in the vagina, the other part of the toy act as a dildo and G-spot stimulator. Combine those three aspects together and you will achieve a mind-blowing orgasm. This amazing sex toy can be used in a number of ways, and with or without a partner.

The Je Joue Fifi Rabbit is in a class of its own when it comes to rabbit vibrators. To start, it is made with a velvety silicone exterior hiding the three powerful interior motors. The motors, located in the ears and shaft, create five different vibrating patterns to stimulate the clitoris and the G-spot simultaneously. The ears can hug the clitoris or you can move the Fifi side to side to stimulate and tease your clitoris in different ways. Start by rubbing it on your clitoris before inserting it to get yourself warmed up. You can work the toy yourself or hold it in one spot while working your body around it. The Je Joue Fifi can also be used with a partner, whether or not intercourse is involved.

It is recommended you use plenty of water-based lube with this silicone toy. Other types of lubes will severely cut down the life of the toy. Silicone expands with oil-based lubes causing your new toy to quickly fall apart. After one use of this top-of-the-line rabbit the last thing you will want is to shorten your time with it.

Rabbit toys have only been around since the 1990’s, but have grown immensely popular because of how well they stimulate the female body. The Je Joue Fifi Rabbit takes the pleasure to the next level and it will not disappoint!

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