What Does the Minx Say?

Ever since Ylvis’ music video went viral, people all over the world have been humming the catchy dance tune, replaying the Youtube video and asking themselves, “What does the fox say?”

Now, you and your partner can recreate this music video in your own saucy way by learning some dance moves, getting a sexy fox costume and putting on the final touch, a Crystal Minx Fox Tail Plug. Once you’ve completed your get-up, let the good times roll!

The answer to your first question is, “Yes, we are serious.” You can buy a butt plug that looks like a fox tail. The fox tails are made with real fox fur, sorry animal lovers. They come in Silver, Black and Red fox coloring. The Crystal Minx line also has a coyote and bunny tail plug. These tails were voted the 2012 AVN Best Fetish product winner!

As a safe alternative to traditional butt plugs, the fox tail plug can maintain the same anal pleasure while delivering a new level of fun. These tails come with insertion between three and five inches and are made of plastic and glass. Having piece of mind that your new tail is safe for your body can go a long way in your intimate enjoyment.

Don’t stop with a fox, coyote or bunny tail, you can really embrace your wild side with a glass curly pig tail or a pony tail. Be sure to use plenty of lube with your tails, we recommend water-based organic lube.

In the end, we’re not really sure what the fox says; we are counting on you to let us know. Let’s solve this mystery once and for all, so shake that tail and get back to us! Be sure to check back in with us and leave a comment on your experience. Comments are all anonymous and feedback is greatly appreciated.

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