Male Chastity Belt

The male chastity belt, or cock cage is gaining popularity in the sex toy world these days. It’s not a new product, but it is picking up more exposure recently. First I saw one featured on an episode of the last season of Showtime’s Californication and shortly thereafter I read an article about it in The Huffington Post. In the show, one of the characters had to put on one to prove he wasn’t into cheating on his wife. The male chastity belt was made to look comical however, after I conducted some more research I learned these are becoming quite the product, a new way to heighten sexual pleasure in fact.

As described by the manufacturer (CB-X), the key holder controls your sexual activity. No longer are the days when you can pleasure yourself at will. The popularity of these “cock cages” has grown so much that they now come in chrome, wood and camouflage finishes.

From the 1700’s to the 1930’s, the male chastity belt was mainly used for children to prevent masturbation. I can only guess this was led by the church, taking the idea that “masturbating will make you go blind” a disturbing step further. Masturbation was seen as a mental illness and it was best to not get kids involved in such habits.

Today, most of the male chastity belts are used in the BDSM community to give control of the wearer to the key holder. They are meant to keep the penis in a downward angle and prevent just about any movement and some can even go as far as to cage the scrotum. Some are made for long term use.

To really have control and possibly put someone in an uncomfortable position, get the chastity belt that is a true belt. It has a strap from the tip of the penis around the buttocks to the back of the belt. This one may not be a good idea for long term wear, especially if you enjoy your morning coffee. Long term use cages come with room to use the bathroom, so that is a bit of relief.

The devices made by CB-X made getting a chastity belt easier in 1999 when they introduced the one-size-fits-all device. Before that, one would require two or three fittings to get the size just right. They sell them in a range of materials as well, from metal to leather. Again, when purchasing yours, keep in mind the duration you will be wearing it because buying the wrong size could cause bladder or cramping problems.

If you wear a male chastity belt and live in a rough neighborhood your chances of rape are much more limited. Although this is most likely not why they’re worn, it is nice to know there are options. Furthermore, if you feel yourself having the urge to stray from your significant other, you can rely on a chastity belt. Knowing that you have this on and don’t have the key can make you or your partner feel better about your chances of straying. A better example would be not trusting yourself while intoxicated or under the influence. Regardless of how the night goes, you can count on your goods going no further than the lock in your pants.

Their rise in pop culture shows that they are gaining popularity and available in a wider range of colors and materials. Whether you want to try something new with your partner or control your urge to sleep around, pick up a CB-6000 today and give it a whirl. I would love your feedback on how it went.

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