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We are different than other toy shops

Here at The Safe Alternative we want our visitors and customers to feel good about shopping at our site. As we’ve shared with everyone in the past, we are different from our competitors because our mission is to provide a comfortable and safe shopping experience for the average Joe while supporting humane causes.

We’ve been researching organizations with the goal in mind that we want to contribute to the end of human trafficking and support victims of sexually based crimes. With that being said, we’ve added new content to our site so you can constantly view our causes and learn more about what they entail. That way you know we’re working in the background not only to provide you with the best selection of high-end products, but that we’re also branching out our philanthropy network by donating a portion of our profits to these causes.

Today is a good day at The Safe Alternative because we learned about the Blue Heart Campaign and we’re jumping in with both feet! This simple video gave us the chills and really sets the tone as to why this is such an important issue. But don’t take our word for it. Learn more about what human trafficking is and what a short documentary on how widespread this matter is by visiting our anti-human trafficking page.

We look forward to you joining us on this journey. Be safe!


Safe Sex Resources

safety zone

As you know, The Safe Alternative is a budding young start-up looking to make an impression on our customers and the web.

Our original idea for the website was to sell sex toys because no matter how the economy is, sex always sells. After a few days we realized we didn’t feel good about that. We felt uncomfortable telling our family and our friends and knew that if the site was something we didn’t want to advocate openly, there was something wrong.

So we decided to look back at our own online sex toy shopping experiences and asked, ‘What was negative about those experiences?’ The primary issue we realized was the perception that when shopping for sex toys you feel as if you’re doing something wrong.

From the female perspective, it didn’t make us feel good to go to a large sex toy website and become overwhelmed with images of nude women. A regular girl can’t relate to the hard-bodied, gorgeous women depicted in these sites. The same goes for the guys, where it seems that size is never an issue and a six-pack is all they live for.

The final negative experience is the “How do you fit that there?” experience. You may be innocently shopping for a buzzing vibrator or a new special lube to try and the next thing you know you’re inundated with “brutal dildos” and “massive butt plugs” and you instantly cringe!

After putting select products on the site, we began to focus on content. We want to give safe sex resources customers can use to make the right decisions when it comes to sex. From a brief history of condoms, to our definition of safe sex, you can come back to reference our resources all the time and we are adding more each day.

Most importantly, we added an ultimate mission to our store. Aside from giving a great shopping experience and resources for good decision-making, we want to give back to those who fight tirelessly to save victims of sex crimes and prevent new crimes from happening. In the end, the entire Safe Alternative operation builds a cycle of good vibes.

We will soon begin to feature the organizations we support so you can come back and see the good your purchases are contributing to help an important group of survivors.

Please visit our site to see our other safe sex resources, such as types of condoms, and how to put a male condom on.

Let us know your feedback, we look forward to interacting with everyone!


Welcome to The Safe Alternative!


Greetings and welcome to The Safe Alternative!

By visiting our site you are helping us reach out to a brand new audience of adult pleasure-seekers. These pleasure-seekers want a safe alternative to the typical online sex shop. Our customers want to feel good about expressing their sexuality, in the privacy of their own home, without feeling inundated by explicit images of porn stars.

Listen, there’s nothing wrong with porn, but as women do you hate trying to shop for a new vibrator and having to look at those big, fake boobs as soon as you log onto an adult toy store website? Or as men do you avert your eyes at the images of chiseled chests and bulging packages plastered on toy store homepages? At The Safe Alternative we want our site to help you feel normal about shopping for sex toys and not highlight feelings of inadequacy about your own body or sex life. Go ahead, walk away from our site without deleting your history or jumping in the shower because Sex is normal!

Furthermore, it’s important that we advocate for healthy sex. There are millions of men, women and children experiencing some degree of sexual violence every day. Whether its date rape in college, human trafficking in Asia, or forced prostitution at the local strip club it’s all violence and it’s all WRONG. That’s why The Safe Alternative will donate a portion of our profits to organizations that support victims of these horrendous crimes. If you have suggestions on an organization to support, please feel free to contact us at and we will be more than happy to donate to legitimate causes.

Thanks again for joining our list, and checking out our blog and our store. We see this as the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Happy shopping!

Play with toys, not boys!