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Product Highlight: All American Whopper

Nasstoys manufactures a realistic vibrator that’s as in demand as a G.I. was in Australia during World War II: the All-American Whopper. This vibrating dildo comes in at a solid eight inches, enough to fulfill all of your cock cravings. This isn’t a new product, as the demand for the All-American never goes away.NT1897-1

The All-American Whopper comes in at eight inches long accompanied by the girth you might desire, delivering 1.5 inches diameter. We aren’t talking a pop can, but enough that will make you say, “Oh, a bit more than I was expecting, but please don’t stop.” Take that sizeable length, girth and add the tri-setting vibration feature and you have enough to satisfy the most demanding G-spot. Don’t worry about the rigidity of this sex toy, it is very lifelike in both the feel of the covering and firmness.

Be sure to always use plenty of lubricant with your sex toy. At The Safe Alternative, we recommend an all-natural, organic lube for your most sensitive parts such as Sliquid Lubricants. When using Sliquid, you will enjoy a premium lubricant that won’t drip off the side of your toy before you even get started. Be sure to always use a water-based lubricant with silicone sex toys because using oil-based lubes causes the silicone coating to expand, exposing the inner parts of your toy.NT2376-1

Next time you are alone and need to real thing, relax knowing that if you keep an All-American Whopper by Nasstoys in your toy chest, you will be satisfied time and time again.

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Icicles 5

Product Highlight: Icicles #5

Step into elegance with the luxurious hand-crafted glass G-spot dildo, Icicles #5 by Pipedream Products. Each of the Icicles #5 dildos are individually created and made to last a lifetime. They are hand-blown with body-safe, nonporous and hypoallergenic glass and measure seven-inches long with a five-inch girth.

The nonporous glass means that there is nowhere for bacteria to go making the dildo much easier to clean and sanitize. As with medical-grade silicone, you can put this toy in the dishwasher to clean it. Unlike silicone you can also choose to boil your Icicles #5 for 10 minutes on the stove.

A huge perk of the glass surface is that it creates very little friction, allowing you to play with your toy sans lubricant. However, at The Safe Alternative we always recommend Sliquid Lubricants because their line of all natural and organic, water-based lubes are in a league of their own. When you apply the Sliquid lube it won’t slide off and create a mess before you get started. That means it can give you just enough lube to really enjoy your Icicles #5.

Another unique feature of the glass toy is that you can control the temperature of the Icicles #5 by placing it into a bowl of warm water or by chilling it in the refrigerator in a bowl of cool water for new sensations.

The weight of the piece coupled with its unique blue ribbing can also help a woman exercise her kegel muscles. Simply slide it in at any length while lying on your back and squeeze your kegels to lift the dildo and give your vag a different kind of workout.

We all deserve some luxury in our lives and with the Icicles line of handmade glass dildos, anyone can afford it!

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mark 02

Product Highlight: Tantus Mark 02

Looking for a new dildo, but don’t want “brutal”? Desire quality while not breaking the bank? Then you stumbled upon a great review for a solid product that meets those criteria!

The Tantus Mark 02 is a high-quality dildo priced at less than $80USD. This is the perfect size, coming in at 6.75 inches long and 1.37 inches wide, for constant pleasure. Tantus Mark 02 has a super soft silicone outside while maintaining a hard muscle core on the inside, both of which are made by Tantus’ own unique blend of 100% ultra-premium silicone. The Mark 02 comes in three skin tones so you can be pleasured by the penis color you desire the most.

The Tantus Mark 02 is also compatible with harnesses making it a versatile dildo. Use it on yourself or have it used on you by a friend. Gay or straight all will enjoy this fine piece of adult sex toy entertainment.

When you are done using the Mark 02, be sure to always clean it properly. This can be done using an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner or by placing in on the top rack of your dishwasher and running it through a cycle.

When using your Mark 02 be sure to use plenty of water-based lube. Oil-based lubricants cause silicone to expand exposing the toy’s interior and cutting down its lifespan. We recommend Sliquid Lubricants, they are the best in the game, and they’re all natural and organic so they will never harm your body. Be rest assure that you can apply this lube and it won’t drip off causing a mess before you can get started on yourself.

When you are looking for a high-quality dildo that won’t break you or your bank, look no further than the Tantus Mark 02. Tantus is the name in dildos and this product proves it.

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What Does the Minx Say?

Ever since Ylvis’ music video went viral, people all over the world have been humming the catchy dance tune, replaying the Youtube video and asking themselves, “What does the fox say?”

Now, you and your partner can recreate this music video in your own saucy way by learning some dance moves, getting a sexy fox costume and putting on the final touch, a Crystal Minx Fox Tail Plug. Once you’ve completed your get-up, let the good times roll!

The answer to your first question is, “Yes, we are serious.” You can buy a butt plug that looks like a fox tail. The fox tails are made with real fox fur, sorry animal lovers. They come in Silver, Black and Red fox coloring. The Crystal Minx line also has a coyote and bunny tail plug. These tails were voted the 2012 AVN Best Fetish product winner!

As a safe alternative to traditional butt plugs, the fox tail plug can maintain the same anal pleasure while delivering a new level of fun. These tails come with insertion between three and five inches and are made of plastic and glass. Having piece of mind that your new tail is safe for your body can go a long way in your intimate enjoyment.

Don’t stop with a fox, coyote or bunny tail, you can really embrace your wild side with a glass curly pig tail or a pony tail. Be sure to use plenty of lube with your tails, we recommend water-based organic lube.

In the end, we’re not really sure what the fox says; we are counting on you to let us know. Let’s solve this mystery once and for all, so shake that tail and get back to us! Be sure to check back in with us and leave a comment on your experience. Comments are all anonymous and feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Product Highlight: Sliquid Lubricants

In the fun and amazing world of sex toys, most tend to think that the most common purchase is a rabbit vibrator. However, the best-selling sexual product is actually lubricant. Lubricant is essential to sex as it would be very uncomfortable without it. There are so many types of lubricants on the market that can make it confusing when trying to decide which kind to use. Often the choice is the most well-known name brand or the cheapest brand. However, when considering lubricant, and anything going inside your body for that matter, one should keep safety in mind.

The folks at Sliquid had safety and hygiene in mind when they created their organic and all-natural lubricant. If they kept one thing in mind while creating and perfecting their product it was the vagina and how sensitive it truly is. Sliquid engineered a lubricant that isn’t messy, and won’t mess with the delicate balance or your most sensitive parts.

Sliquid organic lubricants is specifically formulated to prevent yeast infections and to mirror closely to that of your own natural lube. All their products are botanically infused with natural ingredients and are glycerine and paraben free. When using this product, you know you are getting a superior lube with no harmful side effects.

Not only are their lubricants safe for your body, but they are easy to use. So long are the days of squirting some lube on your favorite toy just to have it slide off onto the sheets. When applied it stays in place so there is ease when working it around to lubricate then entire toy.

Sliquid also comes in a wide variety of products so you aren’t stuck with just one kind. You can choose from Oceanic to Silk to Gel and know you are getting safe, quality products every time. When in doubt, purchase a sample pack to be sure this is the right kind of lubricant for you and your partner. We are sure you will be back for more.

Be safe when playing with your most sensitive parts. Get a lubricant that cares for your body as much as you do, you won’t be sorry!

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Sex Every Day for a Year, Could you do it?

So it’s seven in the morning and I am sitting here gathering my thoughts about what to accomplish today. We have a lot going on in the next ten days, relocating from West Michigan to Seattle will create a lot of thoughts running through one’s head. I started looking through recent articles regarding sex, sexuality and sex in the news. I came across and article about having sex every day for a year and it piqued my interest, not because I am some 17 year old that thinks that would be totally wicked awesome, but as a 30 year old who has been married for little over four years I have a different impression.

Sex every day for a year is something my wife and I’ve discussed in the past and held the mutual sentiment, “Holy shit that would be a lot of work.” The onset would be amazing, one week, two weeks, a month, we would be the envy of all my guy friends while the women would think she’s nuts, but even everyday for a month seems crazy. How do you even do that? I mean I can come up with three weeks no problem, but do you expect your wife to give you oral sex every day for a week during that time of the month or are we talking about back door action?

Far more goes into it than just simple sex daily, it literally becomes another chore, one more commitment to set your alarm to. Sex daily, if done for a year, can do wonders for your relationship, and wonders for you personally. It would bring the two of you together daily, break down insecurity issues, and get you discussing what you really like in sex. I mean, if you are going to do it for a year daily, you may want to consider some new stuff, the old will get old fast. Most importantly though, it would allow the two of you to talk more in depth about intimacy and what is more important to a relationship than that?

For starters, you don’t need to be married to try sex daily, but being married may make it easier partly because it creates a way to truly strengthen your relationship. Having sex daily while in a relationship can really build a bond unlike any bonds built before. It can bring the two of you together daily, regardless of whether you’re tired and gets you talking and close to each other. I love talking to my wife, it clears my mind, gives me good insight and a chance to bounce ideas off of a trusted friend. If there is anything better for a relationship than sex, it is talking. So the benefits right there can do wonders for your union.

You may discover something new about your partner, or simply break down the insecurity borders, which would be an amazing step. Imagine a day when you are both naked, not one is pointing out a personal flaw to the other and you just lay there enjoying each other’s naked body.

Sex every day for a year can be boring or even a chore quickly if all you are doing is the same old routine. In your bed, same position, yada-yada-yada. Speaking for myself, that would get me through a week and then I’m over it. Interest is lost, I would rather rub one out then do the same old shit for 365 days.

Fortunately, we live in a time where we have access to vast amounts of sex toys, sex books, sex advice and just open sex conversation.  Talking about your journey with friends, with not so many details of course, can help spark new interests. New places to do it at, new positions to consider. There are even books with 365 sex positions for 365 days. The book is great if you can somehow bend your body in all those ways. You could simply start doing it in new rooms, and if you have kids, just wait for them to be asleep or gone for the night. I don’t have kids yet, so I made that sound easier than it really is.

You could try, if you aren’t in shape, both getting in shape together while you go through the journey of sex daily for a year. You can watch the transformation of your bodies and use that for fuel for turning you on. Let’s face it, fat is not healthy, and getting in shape and having sex daily are some of the most healthful things you can do for your body, and mind. You can enjoy each other’s body that much more, appreciate your body more and enjoy the food you like that much more as well.

With all that exercising and sexercising, you will be sure to work up an appetite and a little treat now and then doesn’t hurt. My wife and I exercise together and it is nice. It shows that we are committed to ourselves to be the best we can be, but also to each other. Neither one of us was fat when we got married, and if we were we wouldn’t have ended up together. So what would make us think that gaining 30 or more pounds in a few years is a turn on? It is one of my biggest pet peeves, and it is completely disrespectful to your partner. It’s as if you’re saying, “You were good enough to keep me in shape while we were dating, but we are married now so fuck it, who cares what we look like?” Don’t be that person or couple, keep the drive alive, keep sex daily going by getting in shape together as well.

If you really want to try to spice up your sex life, to keep the spark for 365 days, then sex toys is where it is at. It would be the first thing I would do. We could get a new vibrator for her and a first time prostate massager for me. It isn’t something that I have considered in the past, but hey, we are trying new things so what the hell? The possibilities really are as endless as your imagination.

So build that confidence, build that bond and go shopping together. And with the internet, it isn’t as if we are heading to the corner sex store embarrassed, we can look from the convenience of our home while enjoying some beers. That sounds like a better Friday night then beers with the boys.

The article I read this morning really got me thinking again about what it takes to be with my partner for a lifetime, how much work goes into it. Having sex everyday would no doubt bring us together. It would create a lot of conversation, self-discovery and a new appreciation for the one I love. It would also create a lot of work and would have to be taken seriously. The commitment would be enormous, but if I can commit to staying in shape, going to work every day, then sex everyday can be done. Where there is a will, there is a way. So stay tuned, I may be writing a follow up a year from now chronicling my journey of sex for 365 days.

Here is a link to the original article, enjoy!

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Product Highlight: Aneros Eupho

The Aneros Eupho is a medically-designed male G-spot stimulator made of high quality plastic. The Eupho has 4 inches of usable length and a curved design, proving to be an effective hands-free and self-pivoting G-spot stimulator that simultaneously massages the G-spot and perineum culminating in an intense and heightened climactic experience.

This Aneros Eupho is derived from modern design and ancient eroticism. The anal region has the most nerve endings per square inch than any other part of the human body, making it a playground for pleasure. The Aneros Eupho delivers in so many ways and as the official description claims, “The Aneros stimulates, circulates, and electrifies all the key components of an orgasm not central to the penis…” and they did not make any of this up.

The Aneros Eupho has a smooth, rounded tip that is easy to insert with the help of a little lubrication. We understand that massaging the male g-spot might be different strokes for different folks, but if you are looking to try it out for the first time, this is a solid start. With great maneuverability this toy can be “worked” or work on its own, each way creating intense pleasure in way perhaps never thought of before. Be sure to always clean your toys after use with either a toy cleaner or warm, soapy water and store in a closed place to avoid dust and bugs.

Also as claimed, the Aneros Eupho facilitates in creating one of the best orgasms a man can have, from a non-traditional area that typically needs more exposure. It can be used both with a partner and alone, by the newbie or the most experienced pleasure-seekers. Regardless of where you are at in your sexual life, this is one toy that is sure to please.

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Welcome to The Safe Alternative!


Greetings and welcome to The Safe Alternative!

By visiting our site you are helping us reach out to a brand new audience of adult pleasure-seekers. These pleasure-seekers want a safe alternative to the typical online sex shop. Our customers want to feel good about expressing their sexuality, in the privacy of their own home, without feeling inundated by explicit images of porn stars.

Listen, there’s nothing wrong with porn, but as women do you hate trying to shop for a new vibrator and having to look at those big, fake boobs as soon as you log onto an adult toy store website? Or as men do you avert your eyes at the images of chiseled chests and bulging packages plastered on toy store homepages? At The Safe Alternative we want our site to help you feel normal about shopping for sex toys and not highlight feelings of inadequacy about your own body or sex life. Go ahead, walk away from our site without deleting your history or jumping in the shower because Sex is normal!

Furthermore, it’s important that we advocate for healthy sex. There are millions of men, women and children experiencing some degree of sexual violence every day. Whether its date rape in college, human trafficking in Asia, or forced prostitution at the local strip club it’s all violence and it’s all WRONG. That’s why The Safe Alternative will donate a portion of our profits to organizations that support victims of these horrendous crimes. If you have suggestions on an organization to support, please feel free to contact us at and we will be more than happy to donate to legitimate causes.

Thanks again for joining our list, and checking out our blog and our store. We see this as the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Happy shopping!

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