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Icicles 5

Product Highlight: Icicles #5

Step into elegance with the luxurious hand-crafted glass G-spot dildo, Icicles #5 by Pipedream Products. Each of the Icicles #5 dildos are individually created and made to last a lifetime. They are hand-blown with body-safe, nonporous and hypoallergenic glass and measure seven-inches long with a five-inch girth.

The nonporous glass means that there is nowhere for bacteria to go making the dildo much easier to clean and sanitize. As with medical-grade silicone, you can put this toy in the dishwasher to clean it. Unlike silicone you can also choose to boil your Icicles #5 for 10 minutes on the stove.

A huge perk of the glass surface is that it creates very little friction, allowing you to play with your toy sans lubricant. However, at The Safe Alternative we always recommend Sliquid Lubricants because their line of all natural and organic, water-based lubes are in a league of their own. When you apply the Sliquid lube it won’t slide off and create a mess before you get started. That means it can give you just enough lube to really enjoy your Icicles #5.

Another unique feature of the glass toy is that you can control the temperature of the Icicles #5 by placing it into a bowl of warm water or by chilling it in the refrigerator in a bowl of cool water for new sensations.

The weight of the piece coupled with its unique blue ribbing can also help a woman exercise her kegel muscles. Simply slide it in at any length while lying on your back and squeeze your kegels to lift the dildo and give your vag a different kind of workout.

We all deserve some luxury in our lives and with the Icicles line of handmade glass dildos, anyone can afford it!

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Play with toys, not boys!


Welcome to The Safe Alternative!


Greetings and welcome to The Safe Alternative!

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Listen, there’s nothing wrong with porn, but as women do you hate trying to shop for a new vibrator and having to look at those big, fake boobs as soon as you log onto an adult toy store website? Or as men do you avert your eyes at the images of chiseled chests and bulging packages plastered on toy store homepages? At The Safe Alternative we want our site to help you feel normal about shopping for sex toys and not highlight feelings of inadequacy about your own body or sex life. Go ahead, walk away from our site without deleting your history or jumping in the shower because Sex is normal!

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Play with toys, not boys!