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Product Highlight: All American Whopper

Nasstoys manufactures a realistic vibrator that’s as in demand as a G.I. was in Australia during World War II: the All-American Whopper. This vibrating dildo comes in at a solid eight inches, enough to fulfill all of your cock cravings. This isn’t a new product, as the demand for the All-American never goes away.NT1897-1

The All-American Whopper comes in at eight inches long accompanied by the girth you might desire, delivering 1.5 inches diameter. We aren’t talking a pop can, but enough that will make you say, “Oh, a bit more than I was expecting, but please don’t stop.” Take that sizeable length, girth and add the tri-setting vibration feature and you have enough to satisfy the most demanding G-spot. Don’t worry about the rigidity of this sex toy, it is very lifelike in both the feel of the covering and firmness.

Be sure to always use plenty of lubricant with your sex toy. At The Safe Alternative, we recommend an all-natural, organic lube for your most sensitive parts such as Sliquid Lubricants. When using Sliquid, you will enjoy a premium lubricant that won’t drip off the side of your toy before you even get started. Be sure to always use a water-based lubricant with silicone sex toys because using oil-based lubes causes the silicone coating to expand, exposing the inner parts of your toy.NT2376-1

Next time you are alone and need to real thing, relax knowing that if you keep an All-American Whopper by Nasstoys in your toy chest, you will be satisfied time and time again.

The Safe Alternative, Play With Toys, Not Boys

Lelo Gigi 2 - Grey

Product Highlight: Lelo Gigi 2

So much mystery surrounds the female G-Spot: Does it exist? If so, where at? How do you stimulate it? This mystery finally has a happy ending as the folks at Lelo have come up with the best solution – Gigi 2. Much like Gigi 1 only better, Gigi 2 pleasures the G-Spot in ways you never thought possible.

Lelo Gigi 2 - Grey

Lelo Gigi 2 – Grey

Lelo carefully sculpted Gigi to find the G-spot with ease while delivering one of eight preprogrammed vibes right where they need to be. Gigi’s near silent vibes and four hours of pleasure per charge cycle, will leave you satisfied time and time again. Gigi’s stem houses an impressively vibrant pleasure point while the intuitive interface dial lets you control vibration intensity and stimulation mode to craft your own experience. Gigi is covered in waterproof and body-safe silicone and backed by Lelo’s one-year warranty. Lelo Gigi 2 comes presented in an elegant gift box accessorized with charger manual satin pouch for stylish storage.

Lelo Gigi 2 - Grey

Lelo Gigi 2 – Grey

Be sure to always use plenty of lubricant with your sex toy. We here at The Safe Alternative recommend an all-natural, organic lube for your most sensitive parts. Sliquid Lubricants are the best in the business when it comes to your body and your lubricant. When using Sliquid, you will enjoy a premium lubricant that won’t drip off the side of your toy before you even get started. Be sure to always use a water-based lubricant with silicone sex toys. Using oil-based lubes causes the silicone to expand exposing the inner parts.

The days spent searching for the female G-spot are over. Get yourself a Gigi 2 and give yourself the gift of pleasure.

Play With Toys, Not Boys!

Male Chastity

Male Chastity Belt

The male chastity belt, or cock cage is gaining popularity in the sex toy world these days. It’s not a new product, but it is picking up more exposure recently. First I saw one featured on an episode of the last season of Showtime’s Californication and shortly thereafter I read an article about it in The Huffington Post. In the show, one of the characters had to put on one to prove he wasn’t into cheating on his wife. The male chastity belt was made to look comical however, after I conducted some more research I learned these are becoming quite the product, a new way to heighten sexual pleasure in fact.

As described by the manufacturer (CB-X), the key holder controls your sexual activity. No longer are the days when you can pleasure yourself at will. The popularity of these “cock cages” has grown so much that they now come in chrome, wood and camouflage finishes.

From the 1700’s to the 1930’s, the male chastity belt was mainly used for children to prevent masturbation. I can only guess this was led by the church, taking the idea that “masturbating will make you go blind” a disturbing step further. Masturbation was seen as a mental illness and it was best to not get kids involved in such habits.

Today, most of the male chastity belts are used in the BDSM community to give control of the wearer to the key holder. They are meant to keep the penis in a downward angle and prevent just about any movement and some can even go as far as to cage the scrotum. Some are made for long term use.

To really have control and possibly put someone in an uncomfortable position, get the chastity belt that is a true belt. It has a strap from the tip of the penis around the buttocks to the back of the belt. This one may not be a good idea for long term wear, especially if you enjoy your morning coffee. Long term use cages come with room to use the bathroom, so that is a bit of relief.

The devices made by CB-X made getting a chastity belt easier in 1999 when they introduced the one-size-fits-all device. Before that, one would require two or three fittings to get the size just right. They sell them in a range of materials as well, from metal to leather. Again, when purchasing yours, keep in mind the duration you will be wearing it because buying the wrong size could cause bladder or cramping problems.

If you wear a male chastity belt and live in a rough neighborhood your chances of rape are much more limited. Although this is most likely not why they’re worn, it is nice to know there are options. Furthermore, if you feel yourself having the urge to stray from your significant other, you can rely on a chastity belt. Knowing that you have this on and don’t have the key can make you or your partner feel better about your chances of straying. A better example would be not trusting yourself while intoxicated or under the influence. Regardless of how the night goes, you can count on your goods going no further than the lock in your pants.

Their rise in pop culture shows that they are gaining popularity and available in a wider range of colors and materials. Whether you want to try something new with your partner or control your urge to sleep around, pick up a CB-6000 today and give it a whirl. I would love your feedback on how it went.

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Play with toys, not boys!

Safe sex helps boost self-confidence

February 1970 Cosmo cover. How he wants you to make the orgy scene? Are you kidding me?


You might take away my woman card when you read this, but I’ll admit, I stopped reading Cosmo about 5 years ago. I used to aspire to meet the demographic of Cosmo’s audience. I soaked in the articles, tried the sex positions, laughed at the embarrassing stories and strove to be the workaholic businesswoman.

I actually accomplished that goal when I was quite young, 21 in fact. I started working for a fast-paced and fast-growing real estate firm that scooped me up. They romanced me with an own office with a view and jet-setting travel.

What did it get me? Stressed, panic attacks, less family ties, busted relationships: Cosmo couldn’t save me. I’ve done a lot of growing in the past 5 years and as I push 30 and my fifth year of marriage, I can see how we our society is both overtly sexualizing young women and oppressing us at the same time.

I saw Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s and I cringed, not because I was offended or because I was worried for her (the girls a damn millionaire, she’ll be fine). I was worried for the young women watching her. Those poor teenage girls who watch MTV and read Cosmo and sext to their high school boyfriends; they seek value through an image of impossible sexuality.

I believe the American ideal for young men and women is to exude an image of porn star glamour. Pop music, immediate communication through social networking and mass marketing campaigns have driven our children to believe that making your body available to anyone who wants to access it is what makes you important.

Thinking back on my young adulthood I strove for that same ideal. I cringe at my excessive behavior back then. As a still relatively young woman, I want to reach out to today’s young men and women. Without forcing safe sex on them as an ideal or a necessity or as a religious requirement, I want the message to be that, sure sex is great! Do it by yourself to figure out what you like. Do it within a monogamous relationship after you’ve taken the time to get to know the other person. Do it with someone of the same sex or the opposite sex, but most importantly, do it because YOU want to!

Sex shouldn’t be a game, or a power struggle. It shouldn’t be a requirement for a promotion or to get attention. It should be something that you use to express yourself and that you feel good about. If you don’t think you can do that with someone else then it’s OK to take a break. Enjoy yourself alone. Use a vibrator or a male masturbator. Experiment with your bum. If you’re in a healthy relationship please use protection! Condoms, dental dams, finger condoms, birth control, and so on forever.

My final word is that it’s OK to take a break from sex. Abstaining can help you clear your head and help you organize your priorities. Ultimately, you are in control, you just need to take the reins and say, “No” to society’s pressures. Safe sex will make you feel good about yourself and your partner too. So go ahead, use the Safe Alternative, and take back control of your self-image.

Play with toys, not boys!

Safe Sex Resources

safety zone

As you know, The Safe Alternative is a budding young start-up looking to make an impression on our customers and the web.

Our original idea for the website was to sell sex toys because no matter how the economy is, sex always sells. After a few days we realized we didn’t feel good about that. We felt uncomfortable telling our family and our friends and knew that if the site was something we didn’t want to advocate openly, there was something wrong.

So we decided to look back at our own online sex toy shopping experiences and asked, ‘What was negative about those experiences?’ The primary issue we realized was the perception that when shopping for sex toys you feel as if you’re doing something wrong.

From the female perspective, it didn’t make us feel good to go to a large sex toy website and become overwhelmed with images of nude women. A regular girl can’t relate to the hard-bodied, gorgeous women depicted in these sites. The same goes for the guys, where it seems that size is never an issue and a six-pack is all they live for.

The final negative experience is the “How do you fit that there?” experience. You may be innocently shopping for a buzzing vibrator or a new special lube to try and the next thing you know you’re inundated with “brutal dildos” and “massive butt plugs” and you instantly cringe!

After putting select products on the site, we began to focus on content. We want to give safe sex resources customers can use to make the right decisions when it comes to sex. From a brief history of condoms, to our definition of safe sex, you can come back to reference our resources all the time and we are adding more each day.

Most importantly, we added an ultimate mission to our store. Aside from giving a great shopping experience and resources for good decision-making, we want to give back to those who fight tirelessly to save victims of sex crimes and prevent new crimes from happening. In the end, the entire Safe Alternative operation builds a cycle of good vibes.

We will soon begin to feature the organizations we support so you can come back and see the good your purchases are contributing to help an important group of survivors.

Please visit our site to see our other safe sex resources, such as types of condoms, and how to put a male condom on.

Let us know your feedback, we look forward to interacting with everyone!


Welcome to The Safe Alternative!


Greetings and welcome to The Safe Alternative!

By visiting our site you are helping us reach out to a brand new audience of adult pleasure-seekers. These pleasure-seekers want a safe alternative to the typical online sex shop. Our customers want to feel good about expressing their sexuality, in the privacy of their own home, without feeling inundated by explicit images of porn stars.

Listen, there’s nothing wrong with porn, but as women do you hate trying to shop for a new vibrator and having to look at those big, fake boobs as soon as you log onto an adult toy store website? Or as men do you avert your eyes at the images of chiseled chests and bulging packages plastered on toy store homepages? At The Safe Alternative we want our site to help you feel normal about shopping for sex toys and not highlight feelings of inadequacy about your own body or sex life. Go ahead, walk away from our site without deleting your history or jumping in the shower because Sex is normal!

Furthermore, it’s important that we advocate for healthy sex. There are millions of men, women and children experiencing some degree of sexual violence every day. Whether its date rape in college, human trafficking in Asia, or forced prostitution at the local strip club it’s all violence and it’s all WRONG. That’s why The Safe Alternative will donate a portion of our profits to organizations that support victims of these horrendous crimes. If you have suggestions on an organization to support, please feel free to contact us at and we will be more than happy to donate to legitimate causes.

Thanks again for joining our list, and checking out our blog and our store. We see this as the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Happy shopping!

Play with toys, not boys!