Ask Dr. Alternative

This is a new page/feature added October 7 that features our resident doctor and sex expert. Any questions you have regarding yourself or a friend of yours will be reviewed and answered. There are no wrong questions, this is meant to build a community and dish out some sound advice on your situation. This is not meant to cure or treat any ailments, simply to help you get answers. If there is something seriously wrong with you or you are gravely concerned about your’s or someone you know situation, please seek help immediately.

Submit a question or concern anonymously by signing up with The Safe Alternative, or post it in the comments section to get answered by The Safe Alternative’s resident doctor.

Sample questions:

What is the average size of a penis?

What is erectile dysfunction and what can I do to help it?

Does the clitoris exist and if so, where is it?

What are the risks of unprotected sex?

Is it true that if I “don’t use it, I’ll lose it”?

There is no bad question, just something that you want to get an answer to and perhaps you are having trouble getting the answer from Google. We look forward to hearing from our readers.