Abstinence’s effects on men and women

Think Abstinence? Think again!

At The Safe Alternative, we are advocates of safe sex. While abstinence is a personal choice that every man and woman must make for themselves and there is NOTHING wrong with it, we want to forewarn you that you may want to reevaluate the idea.

So if you’re having a dry spell, check out The Safe Alternative and choose from our selection of products for yourself or a friend. It may help clear your head… or not, if you believe the Seinfeld crew and their take on abstinence’s effects on men and women!

Thanks for checking out our blog, we are in the process of setting up our store, but appreciate you visiting the site in the meantime. We are looking forward to adding interactive content that can help educate and spread the message about safe sex and how we can help victims in need.

Stay tuned!

Play with toys, not boys!