Are you a big honcho looking for a better way to rub one out? Tired of getting lube all over your hands and surrounding areas to just work the tip? Unless you have monster hands or a tiny penis, you need the Sue Johanson Super Head Honcho. This is an upgrade from the last version providing more room, better suction, soft gel and an overall more satisfying orgasm.

The last Head Honcho was too short and that was a problem, unless you like to bottom out. This time, the Head Honcho is longer at six and a half inches overall, so you can enjoy masturbating without ramming your head in every stroke. Don’t worry though, it may be longer but it doesn’t lose any of its suction power. It now has three suction chambers, so you get that quality sucking feeling with every stroke.

The Head Honcho is a soft plastic and rubber blend, making it feel very welcome on your most precious member. With the proper amount of lube, you will go like Charlie Runkle time and time again

Longer, three suction chambers, and a soft gel feeling? I’ll take two! But there is no need for that, this male masturbator can easily be cleaned with soap and water or with a foaming toy cleaner. It is made from a quality blend of plastic and rubber making it easy to clean and providing a long life. You might think boiling it would kill bacteria but in actuality that is bad for this blend of material. Keep the life of this amazing product long by using a water-based lube only.

As the name implies, Head Honcho is suited for the more physically gifted man. A man with a smaller-than-average penis will not get much satisfaction from the Head Honcho, so we recommend the Tenga Egg. The Tenga Egg is another high quality male masturbator that will satisfy nearly all men, even those without a porn star penis.

So if you’re looking for a better alternative than your rosy palm to rub one out, or are facing deployment overseas, give the Super Head Honcho a look. Its soft gel material, overall length and three suction chambers make this the go-to male masturbator. It is easy to maintain and has a long shelf life for lasting enjoyment. Why wait? Masturbate, with Sue Johnson’s Super Head Honcho.

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