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Product Highlight: Lelo Gigi 2

So much mystery surrounds the female G-Spot: Does it exist? If so, where at? How do you stimulate it? This mystery finally has a happy ending as the folks at Lelo have come up with the best solution – Gigi 2. Much like Gigi 1 only better, Gigi 2 pleasures the G-Spot in ways you never thought possible.

Lelo Gigi 2 - Grey

Lelo Gigi 2 – Grey

Lelo carefully sculpted Gigi to find the G-spot with ease while delivering one of eight preprogrammed vibes right where they need to be. Gigi’s near silent vibes and four hours of pleasure per charge cycle, will leave you satisfied time and time again. Gigi’s stem houses an impressively vibrant pleasure point while the intuitive interface dial lets you control vibration intensity and stimulation mode to craft your own experience. Gigi is covered in waterproof and body-safe silicone and backed by Lelo’s one-year warranty. Lelo Gigi 2 comes presented in an elegant gift box accessorized with charger manual satin pouch for stylish storage.

Lelo Gigi 2 - Grey

Lelo Gigi 2 – Grey

Be sure to always use plenty of lubricant with your sex toy. We here at The Safe Alternative recommend an all-natural, organic lube for your most sensitive parts. Sliquid Lubricants are the best in the business when it comes to your body and your lubricant. When using Sliquid, you will enjoy a premium lubricant that won’t drip off the side of your toy before you even get started. Be sure to always use a water-based lubricant with silicone sex toys. Using oil-based lubes causes the silicone to expand exposing the inner parts.

The days spent searching for the female G-spot are over. Get yourself a Gigi 2 and give yourself the gift of pleasure.

Play With Toys, Not Boys!

Product Highlight: Lelo Bo Men’s Luxury Cock Ring

Does your female partner climax from external stimulation only? Ever ask yourself how you can give her the big O without having her use a vibrator at the same time, freeing her hands? If so, Lelo has delivered in a big way with Bo, a men’s luxury cock ring meant for couples pleasure. Step out of a world of only you getting the cookie after Chinese dinner and enter a world of equal pleasure.

The Lelo Bo men’s luxury cock ring is a pleasure object in the form of a rechargeable ring for men and intended for couple’s pleasure. Bo is made from soft, body-safe material which is also flexible for comfort and ease of use. This men’s cock ring is a vibrating ring that delivers four hours of vibes off of one hour of charging. Bo also comes with a simple slide interface for easy adjusting for all size of men. Being portable and discreet, Bo can be brought along anywhere for anytime it is needed. Lelo Bo comes presented in an elegant gift box, accessorized with combined charger and storage unit, manual and a 1-year Lelo warranty.

When using your Lelo Bo luxury cock ring, be sure to use plenty of lubrication. We here at The Safe Alternative always recommend Sliquid brand lubes. Their organic, all natural lubes were created with women in mind, using all natural and botanical ingredients to keep her most sensitive parts in great working condition. If you are taking Bo on the run, pick up a pack of .17oz lubes. Perfect for on the go or easy storing while traveling.

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Product Hightlight: Lelo Alia

Step into the world of luxury and you will discover why when you purchase a Lelo, you truly get what you pay for. If you’re the women who always settled for the Walgreens cheap brand of vibes and could never be totally satisfied, then keep reading. Lelo brand is a world renowned sex toy provider for a reason, they consistently deliver quality products. Backed by a one year warranty, Lelo gives you that extra piece of mind.

Alia - Black

Alia – Black

The Lelo Alia vibrator is an elegant intimate massager where simplicity inspires exciting possibiblities. This adult toy is couple-friendly and makes for a wonderful gift. The Lelo Alia is made with a smooth outer shell that glides over the skin with nearly silent vibrations derived from an internally housed motor. The Lelo Alia is made from the smoothest body safe silicone with an ABS core, making it 100% waterproof and comes complete with the Lelo signature three-button interface that controls vibration intensity through six variable speeds. Alia is fully rechargeable and provides a minimum of four hours of pleasure and arrives in Lelo’s award-winning packaging complete with charger satin storage pouch INSIGNIA brooch and a full 1-year warranty.

Alia - Black

Alia – Black

When using your new Lelo Alia, be sure to always use plenty of lubrication, and water-based is mandatory when using a silicone based toy. Oil-based lubes cause the silicone to expand, creating tears and making it no longer waterproof. We at The Safe Alternative always recommend Sliquid brand organic lubes. Their lubes were created with women in mind, using only the finest ingredients keeping your most sensitive parts in tip top shape.

Treat yourself to the luxury and orgasm you deserve, get yourself a Lelo Alia and let the good times keep buzzin!

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Play with toys, not boys!

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Product Highlight: Lelo Lyla 2

The Lyla 2 is an upgraded model of the original Lyla, the go-to in remote-controlled vibrators. Even at a distance you can control this personal massager for fun at home or at a party.

This technology is based on the original SenseMotion, however comes with three times the distance for three times the fun. Coupled with more distance, this remote-controlled adult sex toy has 50% more intensity in the vibrations.

The Lyla 2 can be worn internally or externally and is built around a waterproof and rechargeable battery. The controls are simple and based on movements applied to the ultra-discreet wireless controller. The Lyla can be controlled up to 39 feet away, providing an intense and sometimes shocking vibration when the controller is not around.

The SenseMotion works in two ways: simply turning or tilting the controller from a vertical or horizontal position sends more intense vibrations to your vibrator or you can apply motion (shaking, sweeping or spinning) to your massager. If after trying these two options you find yourself bored, you can use one of six preprogrammed vibe patterns, all of which will please.

So if you are looking for the best in remote-controlled vibrators, look no further than the Lelo Lyla 2. This amazing sex toy will deliver discreet, intense vibes that you can enjoy in your home or while out for a night on the town. Vibe on!

When using the Lelo Lyla 2, be sure to use plenty of water-based lube. Oil-based lubricants will cause the silicone to expand; exposing the toy’s interior and cutting down its lifespan. We recommend Sliquid Lubricants, they are the best in the game, and they’re all natural and organic so they will never harm your body. Rest assure that you can apply this lube and it won’t drip off causing a mess before you can get started on yourself.

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Play with toys, not boys!

Product Highlight: Lelo Soraya

If you are looking for a rabbit style vibrator offering the utmost in luxury, then you stumbled upon the right article. The Lelo Soraya is a double-action rabbit vibrator that delivers the most powerful vibes to both your clitoris and your G-spot in eight settings. The double action vibrators refer to the dual motors in this chic sex toy, both powered by a premium lithium battery.

The Lelo Soraya is made with the finest smooth silicone and is completely waterproof. It is rechargeable and you can add the world charger option to your order so you’re covered in all countries.  As with all Lelo products, the Soraya also comes with a convenient satin pouch for storing.

Check out this video to show you just how great the Lelo Soraya is.

Be sure to always use plenty of lube with Soraya, water-based lubricant is always best with silicone products. Oil-based lubricants can cause the silicone to expand and eventually rupture damaging your new vibrator. Don’t do that!

Sliquid organic and natural lubes are the finest on the market, and when you are dealing with one of the finest products the sex toy industry has to offer, Lelo Soraya, you will also want the finest lube.

Always clean your sex toys after use, preferably with an antibacterial toy cleaner. Soap and water will do, however, antibacterial is best.

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Play with toys, not boys!

Product Highlight: Lelo Mona 2

The Lelo Mona 2 is a luxury clitoral and female G-spot stimulator made with water-proof, body-safe silicone. The Mona 2 packs a powerful vibrator and can be used solo or by a couple. In fact, the vibrator is 100% more powerful than the original and has six vibration settings in all, enough to please even the pickiest of G-spots.

When used solo, it can work as either a clitoral stimulator or G-spot stimulator. When using for the G-spot, be sure to get an extra tube of lube. Although the Mona 2 comes with a small packet of lube, more is better! Lelo makes a great lube that’s compatible with all their products. If you want to turn your playtime with Mona 2 into an entire evening with your significant other, then pick up massage oil and candle along with and you won’t want to leave the bedroom. Unless of course you want to test how waterproof the Mona 2 really is by taking it into the bath with you. We promise you will not be disappointed!

The Lelo Mona 2 is on the higher end of the price list ($131), but with the holidays quickly approaching, it will make a very suitable gift to put under the tree. As with all Lelo products, Mona 2 comes in a simple yet stylish box and with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Based on other reviews, the Lelo Company has not disappointed with the Mona 2. This powerful six-setting, waterproof, silicone g-spot stimulator is sure to please you and keep you warm all winter long!

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Play with toys, not boys!


Product Highlight: Lelo Lily

Lelo is a luxury brand of adult toys that delivers quality and ergonomics tailored toward the female body. Lelo has been in business ten years and won numerous awards for their products. They pride themselves on five aspects: aesthetics, ergonomics, function, quality and packaging.

The Lily does nothing shy of delivering on all five, with its silky smooth outer and steady vibes designed to deliver where it matters the most, the clitoris. This vibrator is for external use only and the ergonomic design makes it easy to use during intercourse. The buttons make it easy to adjust the vibe up or down and pressing both at the same time lock the Lily. This is a nice feature to avoid disruption of a good time, and while carrying so you don’t have to worry about it going off unexpectedly. Transporting the Lily is made easy with the convenient pouch that makes it discreet to simply drop it in your hand bag.

The Lily arrives discreetly in a nice package that matches the color or your new toy. Inside the packing it is neatly laid out with the vibrator and charger in separate compartments. The Lily is rechargeable so you no longer need to worry about batteries and an optioned universal charger adapter kit is available so your Lily can go wherever your travels take you.

Despite how large it looks in the picture, the Lelo Lily is smaller than your palm and is good for two hours fully charged. Lelo is so confident in their products, they back them with a one year warranty, delivering piece of mind when making your purchase.

To ensure the best care and maintenance of your new Lily, be sure to add the Lelo cleaner to your purchase to always keep your new best friend looking good and safe for your special parts.

Play with toys, not boys!


Sex toys in relationships: healthy and fun

It should come as no surprise that the use of sex toys in relationships in on the rise, even if it is met with some resistance from potentially jealous partners. The sex toy industry in general is poised to be a $15 billion industry this year (2013) and continues to grow. What is helping fuel that growth, besides better designed products for more ease during intercourse, is toys meant for couples. Couples toys include vibrating penis rings and finger-tip vibrators, which bring a pleasure to both and enhance the experience overall.

Sex toys ergonomically designed for use during intercourse, such as We-Vibe and Lelo, are designed for the female partner, but can benefit both. Not only do they make sex more exciting, it can also grow a much healthier relationship and healthier life.

Sex may lengthen your life, boost your heart health and immune system, reduce pain and stress and improve your sleep, according to a report co-authored by Beverly Whipple, professor emerita at Rutgers University and co-author of The Science of Orgasm, and The G Spot: And Other Discoveries about Human Sexuality. If you take all the great benefits of sex, add a more pleasurable experience on top of it, what you end up with is the desire to have sex more often, and what partner has ever said they have enough sex?

Some partners feel intimidated by sex toys, or take it to mean they are inadequate, but that is simply not true. No matter how good you may be, you never know what is going on inside of your partners head. What are they feeling, where do they want to be touched? That remains a great mystery, and while talking more during sex can help eliminate the confusion, it can be canceled out when she gets to have a toy in her hand. Putting it right on the spot right now is what is going to deliver her to her desired orgasm.

If your nervous about bringing up the idea of introducing sex toys into your relationship some ideas for getting your point across could be to:

The passive way: Drop hints until the other gets the point

The roundabout way: Pick up a book and the two of you read it separately, circling what you like. Come together and discuss what the other person circled and talk about how you can incorporate that into your intimate time.

The direct way: Sit down together one night, have a couple glasses of wine to loosen up the occasion and shop for sex toys online. You will find a lot of resources and will see that most of your questions will have answers.

Sex toys can add fun and romance to your love life, leading to a heightened sexual experience. Getting to know what your partner wants in bed, or wherever, is a very good thing and can lead to a healthier, happier sex life. Be open, be honest and only good things can come of it. Cheers to happy, long and more satisfying sex life!

Better than having to give “the tap”

Picture yourself all ready to go, you and your partner are clicking on all levels and those freshly washed sheets are one good time away from being thrown back in the washer. Things start off well; some kissing, some touching and your clothes are slowing, or quickly if you’re anything like me, coming off. Next move is to take it below the equator and really get her engine revved.

Then, as George Castanza embarrassingly puts it, “You’re going along, you think everything’s alright, and then you get: the tap.” Talk about a blow to your ego, and I am not referring to your little man’s nickname. You thought all was going so well, that it was going to be incredible and then POW!: you’re done!. You ask yourself if there is any recovering and how exactly do you make up for it?

Well if you have a solid back up plan then you needn’t have any worries. But what kind of back-up plan could there for already botched attempt at good sex? The Safe Alternative could be a good vibrator. So what, you couldn’t get it done with your well-trained tongue, just couldn’t master that swirl motion? So long as you have an ergonomically-designed vibrator to put between you and your partner during sex.

That’s how we cover you here at The Safe Alternative, as we carry a full line of Lelo brand vibrators, some specifically designed just for the above-mentioned problem. With multiple settings she’ll be able to pick her favorite settings, because you clearly were not, without interfering with either of your good times. What could be better than a guaranteed orgasm after botched cunnilingus?

So don’t sweat it any longer, go down there, give it your all and know if you come up short, we have you covered.





Safe Sex Defined

Wrapping it up

You wouldn’t let your friend drive if they’ve had too many, so you probably wouldn’t want to engage in sexual activity with a partner if you’re unsure of their background. There are numerous STD’s, (65 million Americans have an incurable STI) transmitted through sexual behavior and for women there is the risk of pregnancy.

The most effective way to protect yourself from STD’s and unwanted pregnancy is to ask your male partner to wrap it up with our wide array of male condoms (3.2 Million pregnancies a year are unplanned and condoms are 98% effective against pregnancy). For the women in our lives, we also offer female condoms, so if there is ANY question in the back of your mind you can rest assured you’re protecting yourself and your partner.


For most this is an obvious aspect of sexual activity. Due to the intimate nature of sex, our bodies are exposed to a wide array of foreign bodies from latex, lube and spermicide to mucus membranes and bodily fluids. Protecting your body from an allergic reaction, an unwanted UTI or loss of good bacteria we advocate the use of products to protect you.

We offer organic, natural lubes in addition to the name brands you may already recognize. We also offer alternatives to latex condoms including natural lamb, polyurethane, and polyisprene. Finally, we offer sanitizing spray for the toys as well as a how-to on cleaning toys.

Making you comfortable

The Safe Alternative wants to protect you from feeling inadequate, but also from the unnecessary opinion of others. That’s why we don’t promote images of porn stars, nudity nor do we sell porn. We don’t have anything against them and certainly enjoy them on our own, but we don’t want to tell you what’s right or wrong for you.

We don’t pass judgment and we don’t want anyone to pass judgment here, especially on themselves. Enjoy your body, open your mind and take the right precautions to express yourself safely.

(Statistics provided by Church & Dwight, makers of Trojan Brand Condoms)

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